Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Legends of Time", Video Art in Castle Sargans

Video Art on the historical wall from the 15the Century in Museum Castle Sargans Switzerland.

"Legends of Time" 
Saturday, the 21. September 2013 up 18:00

Videos by artists from different areas and cultures in project.

Xhenia Lapteva, Kaliningrad/ Song Gui Yu/ Sheng Sheng Guan, Beijing/ Nasrin Abu Baker, Palestine/ Maria Pomiansky, Israel/ Lucia Gomes, Brasil/ Ricardo Streiff Valentini, Argentina/ Ekaterina Sisfontes, Sveden/ Vadim Levin, Russia/ Bruno Schlatter/ Barbara Streiff, Swiss/

Photo from the Video Art "A Feminine Name" by Nasrin Abu Baker, Palestine
Art is often an open platform for freedom of speech, even in societies where that freedom is restricted. This makes art an effective tool for exposing social issues.

The aim is to encourage more communication, respect, and acceptance by bringing all cultures together through different works of artistic expression and character.
Artistic expression is giving self respect and belief in the future.


Communicative Art International by alpswissart.ch/ Curator&artist Barbara Streiff/ Ocpa/ Unesco Paris since 2005.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

20 Jahre Schwarzlicht Experimente&Ausstellungen

Digitales Design über Freihandzeichnung von Barbara Streiff c
Ausstellung mit interaktiven Installationen/ Bildern & Objekten zu Mythen&Sagen von Barbara Streiff, vom 3. August - 10.Oktober 2013, in der Palais Galerie des Schlosses Sargans. Der Dachstock aus dem 15ten Jahrhundert wird der Rahmen für diese Schwarzlicht - Ausstellung, welche in Kommunikation mit dem Ort stattfindet. Tradition - Innovation, neben klassischen Handskizzen in digitaler Umsetzung, werden interaktiven Installationen, alle Besucher zum ganzheitlichen Erlebnis der Thematik einladen.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Coartex Event Cabaret Voltaire Dada Haus Zürich

Progressive Art – Artwork in Progress by Dialog of Artists from all over the World

The Project "Communicative Art Exchange International" since 1998 by alpswissart.ch Curator&artist Barbara Streiff is saved by Unesco.org since 2005.

Monday, November 7, 2011

CH - Ausstellung Kunst am Bau in Hommage an die Natur 1998 - 2013

Kunst am Bau - Urzeichen der Natur - Installationen an historischen Orten von Barbara Streiff

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Progress Russia - Switzerland 2010/2012

On visit in St.Petersburg by friends was the foundation of the idee to organise the art exchange Russia - Switzerland. Part of the project will be in St.Petersburg the Museum Sculptures - Gallery DOOR - Nonconformist Art Museum and in Switzerland - Cabaret Voltaire Dada Haus Zürich - Gallery Museum Castle Sargans - Alpswissart.ch. The founders of the project are Eugen von Arb RU/CH, editorial journalist & photographer St.Petersburger Herold News / Anna Lebedkova RU, curator Museum Sculptures St.Petersburg / Barbara Streiff CH, artist & curator.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Progressive Art - Artwork in Progress

Art is often an open platform for freedom of speech, even in societies where that freedom is restricted. This makes art an effective tool for exposing social issues.
For artists from different areas and cultures all over the world, this is the beginning of a new direction in communicative art working as group in art exchange.
The aim is to encourage more communication, respect, and acceptance by bringing all cultures together, through different works of artistic expression and character.
Artistic expression is giving self respect and belief in the future.

Event Coartex in Cabaret Voltaire, the Dada Haus Zürich on 05.13.2011 up 1830

videos – photos - object art – poem – installation – theater – performance…


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Natur - Weiblichkeit - Religion

2009 Raum - Installation mit Bildern zum Thema "Natur - Weiblichkeit - Religion" Konzept Kunst von Barbara Streiff in der offenen Kirche St.Gallen.
Die gemeinsam von Frauen gemalten Bilder in intuitiver Malerei wurden den Elementen zugeordnet und zu einem Gesammtkunstwerk installiert. Sie stellen während der Ausstellung den Rahmen zur Projektion der Filme zu den Urzeichen der Natur an die Kuppel der Kirche dar.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art Project in Gallery Space NY ARTS BEIJING with Artists from China - Switzerland - NYC 09

Installation with interaction of the visitors in Gallery Space NY Arts Beijing.

Barbara Streiff was creating workshops with body painting in modern art technique with Zhang Xin from Beijing City and artists from the Art Garden 318 Hegezhuang. Special input was Song Gui Yu and artstudents from the Village Hegezhuang down for a installation with wishes for the future of Beijing.

Abraham Lubelski - Song Gui Yu - Yang Liao Han - Simon - Peng Li - Zhang Xin - Xu Wan Ru - Shao Xin An - Xue Tin Ran - Ren Jing - Zhao Jin Xing - Xue Bin Ran - Lu Cheng Bin - Zhang Xin Xie - Cao Zhi Xin - Wang Xi Lo - Xue Tian Ran - Barbara Streiff.


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Experiment UV - Light on DAW 07 ETH Zürich - Netzspannung.org

2008 Digital Art Project "Experiment - Primae Geometrie - UV-LIGHT" in Network of Universities Europe.

interaktive installlation - urgeometrie in uv-licht - experimente internet

2007 Barbara Streiff was artist in the international digital art project from the University Technology ETH ZUERICH / Invitation by co-artdirector Art Clay, NYC/CH.

• For the DAW07, she was in charge of a the „Drawing Code“ project, a complex project involving drawing spiders within a black light setting.
• In 2009 she was hired to create a film reportage for the project„Echoing Shanghai“ in Basel Switzerland, which was organized to celebrate the new city partnership between Basel and Shanghia.

• In 2010, she was an active participant at the „White Dinner“ held in the Shedhalle Zurich. She also acted as an assistant to the well known Fluxus Composer Phil Corner

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comics Street Painting for Childrens in Brasil

Barbara Streiff, international artist from Switzerland, is the curator of this project. Bahia Artist Jacy Schrepfer by UNICEF is kindly helping with the organisation of the project in Brazil. For the past 20 years, Barbara Streiff has been working as an art teacher with children and students in art and cultural centres all over the world: Switzerland, Italy, New York, Berlin, Cyprus, Asia – just to name a few. Her art courses are recognised by the University of Zurich and institutions in Cyprus, Italy and New York.

Bahian artist Josy Schrepfer and Barbara Streiff have conceived this project of art workshops, happenings and street-artwork in Bahia as a communicative art exchange. The artists will go into the streets and public places to work and paint directly with streetchildren, teaching them art through comics. The children will be given assistance (when requested) in painting stories from their daily lives, the wishes and dreams of people today, the fairy tales of their country, or the culture and life in Bahia, for example.
- Street painting with children in public places - comics of life painting -

All children and people from the streets, will be invited to participate in this project. Donations from tourists and visitors viewing the art action will be used for materials and will go directly to support the children who are taking part in the project. Art exchange will take place wherever the children paint modern Brazilian culture in comics.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hermitage Center on Cyprus in UV - Light

Art Project by Barbara Streiff in Exchange Experiments UV - Light in Panarodio Heritage Center Cyprus Island


Panarodio Heritage Center Mantilios Kalopanayiotis.
You can found this Cultural Heritage Center on Cyprus Island in Kykko Mountains on the way from Nicosia to Kykko Monastery.
The fluorescene art installation is a part of the Summer Exhibition by artists from Russia, Arab States, Cyprus till England and Switzerland in homage to nature all over Cyprus.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

World Exhibition for Freedom Unesco.CH 2003

Project of Alp Swiss Art Barbara Streiff

The exhibitions will be presented during the year 2003 at the various places where the participating artists live and work, in locations such as ateliers, galleries, churches, public spaces and shopping malls, in order to touch a wide range of people.
Each exhibition will present works from other participating artists, thus building a worldwide network of artists promoting peace, freedom and intercultural understanding.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007



75 years of art history visits NYC. The project Swiss Artists From Glarus will show at Gallery Abraham Lubelski 450/473 Broadway, March 6-17, 2001.
The more than 20 artists all live and work in the Swiss mountain valley of Glarus. Last year they teamed up to do a valley-wide exhibition on eight historical sites throughout their mountain Canton. Quite a number of the participating artists are former students and gallery artists of Glarus' Art School Center, Fly Gallery, headed by artist Barbara Streiff in the gods of the old railway station in CH-8750 Glarus in Switzerland.
The NYC exhibit is conceived and organized by the Head of the Glarus Art School Center and Fly Gallery, Barbara Streiff. For the last ten years, she has been working in the cultural heart of Glarus, as artist, sculptor, art teacher, and curator of socio-interactive exhibitions recognized throughout Europe. A major concern is the socio-cultural animation of art - the kind of Vernetzung or Verflechtung that also marks her sculptural work. The Vernetzung/Verflechtung sculptures are now internationally known as AÏON or primae geometrie sculptures. In 1999, Streiff was invited to her AÏON work at the Abraham Lubelski Gallery. Out of this contact the idea of a joint visit in the same gallery emerged.
Curation by Barbara Streiff

The future of The Forgotten Children of Art from Glarus may not be forgotten, thanks to the chance given them by Abraham Lubelski's invitation to host their work in his international gallery space on 450/473 Broadway, NYC, March 6-17, 2001.