Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Legends of Time", Video Art in Castle Sargans

Video Art on the historical wall from the 15the Century in Museum Castle Sargans Switzerland.

"Legends of Time" 
Saturday, the 21. September 2013 up 18:00

Videos by artists from different areas and cultures in project.

Xhenia Lapteva, Kaliningrad/ Song Gui Yu/ Sheng Sheng Guan, Beijing/ Nasrin Abu Baker, Palestine/ Maria Pomiansky, Israel/ Lucia Gomes, Brasil/ Ricardo Streiff Valentini, Argentina/ Ekaterina Sisfontes, Sveden/ Vadim Levin, Russia/ Bruno Schlatter/ Barbara Streiff, Swiss/

Photo from the Video Art "A Feminine Name" by Nasrin Abu Baker, Palestine
Art is often an open platform for freedom of speech, even in societies where that freedom is restricted. This makes art an effective tool for exposing social issues.

The aim is to encourage more communication, respect, and acceptance by bringing all cultures together through different works of artistic expression and character.
Artistic expression is giving self respect and belief in the future.


Communicative Art International by alpswissart.ch/ Curator&artist Barbara Streiff/ Ocpa/ Unesco Paris since 2005.

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