Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comics Street Painting for Childrens in Brasil

Barbara Streiff, international artist from Switzerland, is the curator of this project. Bahia Artist Jacy Schrepfer by UNICEF is kindly helping with the organisation of the project in Brazil. For the past 20 years, Barbara Streiff has been working as an art teacher with children and students in art and cultural centres all over the world: Switzerland, Italy, New York, Berlin, Cyprus, Asia – just to name a few. Her art courses are recognised by the University of Zurich and institutions in Cyprus, Italy and New York.

Bahian artist Josy Schrepfer and Barbara Streiff have conceived this project of art workshops, happenings and street-artwork in Bahia as a communicative art exchange. The artists will go into the streets and public places to work and paint directly with streetchildren, teaching them art through comics. The children will be given assistance (when requested) in painting stories from their daily lives, the wishes and dreams of people today, the fairy tales of their country, or the culture and life in Bahia, for example.
- Street painting with children in public places - comics of life painting -

All children and people from the streets, will be invited to participate in this project. Donations from tourists and visitors viewing the art action will be used for materials and will go directly to support the children who are taking part in the project. Art exchange will take place wherever the children paint modern Brazilian culture in comics.

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